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Richard Hays Goolsby, Sr.
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     Father and Son Attorneys Practicing Side By Side

Richard Hays Goolsby, Sr.

  University of Georgia School
    of Law (Class of 1978)

Former Federal and State Prosecutor with over 27 years of prosecution experience who believes in personal service in Federal and State Courts!!

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   Richard Hays Goolsby, Sr.   

Richard Hays Goolsby, Jr.

  Mercer University School
   of Law (Class of 2006)

“Rising Star” of the Augusta Bar who believes in personal service and attention to all his clients!!

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   Richard Hays Goolsby, Jr.   


How To Find Augusta Lawyers Who Handle Your Kind of Case in Augusta, Georgia!

We have discussed elsewhere how to physically go about finding the right Augusta, Georgia lawyers for your legal needs. For instance, we at the GOOLSBY LAW FIRM LLC recommend that you first seek referrals from family and friends to help you find the right Augusta lawyers. You could also consider lawyer referral services, such as ones offered by state and local bar associations. In addition, you should consider whether the Augusta lawyer’s law office is located in a safe, convenient location. For example, we at the GOOLSBY LAW FIRM are safely and conveniently located, to serve all Augusta, along with Martinez and Evans, at 4416 Columbia Road, Suite 100, in Martinez, Georgia. You also should try to find Augusta attorneys who will give you a free initial consultation. Only then, after meeting with the Augusta lawyers to freely and confidentially discuss your divorce, military divorce, child custody, child visitation, child support matter, criminal case, real estate closing, or accident, or personal injury case, can you really decide whether you can trust the Augusta lawyer or lawyers to handle your legal problem.

Our attorneys at the GOOLSBY LAW FIRM LLC are proud to offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Please call us today at (706) 863-5281. Our attorneys personally talk with and meet with new clients every day to discuss their legal questions and to help offer potential solutions. We love to help people with all their legal needs and we want to help you, too! So, these are just some of the factors to consider in physically finding the right Augusta attorneys. But as a related question: How do you find the best Augusta lawyers for the kind or type of case that you have?

Finding Augusta Lawyers Who Handle Your Kind of Case in Augusta, GA

Finding the right kind of lawyers in Augusta who can competently handle your kind of case is critically important! Just as you wouldn’t go to a podiatrist, or foot doctor, in Augusta when your back is hurt, you also don’t want to go to an Augusta real estate lawyer if you actually need a good Augusta divorce attorney, or if you are trying to find Augusta attorneys who handle personal injury or criminal law cases. The point is that Augusta lawyers, just like doctors and other professions in Augusta, tend to focus on handling only certain kinds of cases. For example, there are some excellent tax attorneys in Augusta, and in Martinez and Evans, but these fine lawyers do not handle criminal cases or divorce or child custody matters. Therefore, the key [The GOOLSBY LAW FIRM LLC] is for you to keep this information in mind, so that you can find the right kind of Augusta lawyers for your kind of case, whether you are in Augusta, Georgia or anywhere else.

Our attorneys at the GOOLSBY LAW FIRM practice law in a wide range of legal areas in Augusta, Columbia County, and throughout Georgia. For instance, we regularly appear in court, in both Augusta and Evans, for divorce, child support and modification, child custody, and child visitation matters. We also handle auto and truck accidents and other personal injury matters, along with product liability and malpractice cases. We prepare simple wills and health care power of attorneys for our clients nearly every day. In addition, we will vigorously represent and defend people in Augusta and Evans, and throughout Georgia, in a wide range of criminal defense cases, including all white collar crime, theft, fraud, firearms or gun charges, corporate fraud and income tax evasion, forfeiture, and all other criminal investigations in federal court, along with murder, DUI, theft, shoplifting, probation revocations, and all other criminal charges and appeals in state, superior, and probate courts.

It is simply impossible to list here all the many different kinds of law and cases, both civil and criminal, as well as administrative cases, in which our lawyers have proudly and vigorously represented our clients in the Augusta and Martinez and Evans areas. Our attorneys at the GOOLSBY LAW FIRM LLC have also appeared in state and federal courts for the past 30 years in Augusta and throughout the State of Georgia. Therefore, if you have a legal question and if you are wondering if it is the kind of case that we handle, it is important that you simply feel free to email us or call and ask us today at: (706) 863-5281. When you call us, (and please remember that this is a FREE consultation), you will get to talk with one of our attorneys. Our attorneys at the GOOLSBY LAW FIRM LLC will be glad to listen to you as you tell us your legal problems and we will try to help you determine whether we can also help you develop a good solution! Our attorneys will also be happy to schedule an appointment at a time that is good for you, so that we can meet and discuss your legal needs in person. Our goal at the GOOLSBY LAW FIRM LLC is to provide prompt, personal, courteous legal services, and at affordable prices, for all families in the Augusta and Martinez and Evans area. After all, we are an Augusta family of lawyers who have been serving and helping other families throughout Georgia for over 30 years!

So, please email us or call us today, at (706) 863-5281, and let us try to help you, too!


THE GOOLSBY LAW FIRM LLC: 4416 Columbia Road, Suite 100, Martinez, GA 30907
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